This place, like many others, started off as a person writing to explain things to himself. Leading to the discovery, half of the time, perhaps he didn’t understand them so well in the first place.

Neo had it easy. The only splinter in his mind was: “What is The Matrix?” Ours has two splinters: an engineer’s urge to figure out How stuff works, and a mystic’s desire to grasp the Why of the whole affair. Think of it as a left and a right hemisphere splinter. It’s a tough racket, being a brain… But with the shibui spirit of savoring the simple beauty of imperfections in everyday items, and the sisu attitude of simply sticking with it when there’s no hope or meaning, it’s all fine.

If we had to pick a central theme to describe what this outfit is about, it would be: “Complex Adaptive Systems”. (Which, being an umbrella covering just about anything, is cheating, of course.)