I write about value creation (how to produce it for your customer) and value capture (making sure you get adequately paid for your trouble).

That breaks down to areas such as value proposition design, monetization strategy, pricing, and commercial policy and sales governance. But also: helping account managers navigate complex tenders and practice their pitches. Or – taking the other side of the value transaction – designing and executing on important purchasing projects.

All of which are fields in which I’ve held real jobs, doing big things, with smart people, at great companies. I advise teams and executives on these topics. Not as a detached observer but embedded in the business, producing impact and outcomes. “Less impressed and more involved”, as Matthew McConaughey would say. If you want to discuss a specific case in your business, I’d love to hear from you.

As all work and no play makes Sisu a dull boy, I occasionally dive into an eclectic mix of completely unrelated topics, ranging from complex adapative systems to Japanese aesthetics to long course triathlon. Sorry about that.